Bento & Me

Bento & Me

Chao my reader/s,

I’m sitting at a popular spot that’s known to most authors and publishers: Starbucks. In all honesty, I’m struggling to write my first post; it’s quite intimidating putting my thoughts out into the world. You might like what’s in my head, or you might not. Usually, when I read other people’s blogs, I’m drawn to the quirky stories that revolve around their lives; it makes me feel like I’m watching a movie. I remember watching Marley & Me after finishing reading the book. I thought it was a phenomenal movie, probably because Jennifer Aniston stars in it, but I digress. The movie made me laugh, then it made me cry, but ultimately, it persuaded me to go out and find my own pet. I’ve never owned or took care of a pet before. It didn’t look that hard, nor did it seem like a chore. I knew I had to start small (literally) and slowly work up to a dog or possibly an exotic pet (fingers crossed!). A few days later, I went to Petsmart and adopted two Robo Dwarf hamsters. They are tinier than an average hamster and considerably faster too. That’s why I almost never be able to hold or pet my hamsters. Those little things run away from your hands when you try to go near them! It’s because of their super speed that I only have pictures of my hamsters.

I named one of my hamsters Udon
I named one of my hamsters Udon

Udon and Ramen were a handful, despite their size. They were not difficult because they are fast; they were difficult because I couldn’t find the right food or the right chew toy for them. In a week, their food and water supply were left untouched. After a few weeks, I was very concerned. Not only did they not eat, they were less active. Unfortunately, they passed away 3 weeks after. Losing a pet, regardless of size, was indescribable. Even though I didn’t have them for long, I was so attached to them. I was heartbroken and guilty because I thought I took part in their death.

For so long, I was traumatized. I didn’t even consider getting another pet until 6 months later. This time, I knew I wanted a slightly larger hamster, so I can play with him, of course! In October 2014, I adopted a Winter White hamster and named him Bento. My boyfriend’s dog, Max, is so entranced by Bento. I’m not sure if it’s because he wants to make friends or if he wants to eat the little hamster.

Maxie and Bento
Maxie and Bento

If you’re wondering, Bento is still alive. He eats very well and I love my little adventurous hamster. In the end, you’re probably wondering, “why are all her pets named after Japanese cuisine?” Well, I’m not really sure. It sounds cool and in the future, I might name my other pets Green Tea, Mochi, Red Bean, etc. Do you have any recommendations as far as Japanese food names? Leave a suggestion below! Also, what’s your ___________ & Me story?

Until next time,

Nhi (“ñi”)


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