The Polaroid Coincidence

The Polaroid Coincidence

Chao everyone!

Have you guys seen the new Polaroid camera that is on the market?

Ultra-Portable Optical Zoom Wi-Fi Camera. Photo courtesy of

I know Polaroid cameras have been around for awhile, but they keep rolling out newer versions that are tinier than before! How much smaller can a picture get? I don’t have one because I rarely develop pictures from my phone/camera anyway. Not only that, a pack of 10 films ranges around $15 – $20. I’ll pass… for now.

At the beginning of 2014, I collaborated with 3 animators to create a commercial for a new concept camera. I was the product designer for that project. Not to be too cocky, but I was really proud of my design! You can see some of my process below.


I used this model as a basis for my header, business cards, and letterheads (^_^). A few months later, mid-summer, I found a webpage  on StumbleUpon that shows Polaroid’s latest tech. I was quite devastated (and I might have went on a subtle rampage) that my design was so similar to their own.

Polaroid 10-Megapixel Instant Print Digital Camera Z2300B with ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology, Black. Photo courtesy of



In all honesty, it was just a coincidence. Polaroid released this design back in 2013, and I am in turn grateful that they redesigned from their bulky predecessor. Great minds think alike?! ^_^’ (I wish)

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5 thoughts on “The Polaroid Coincidence

  1. I really love polaroid cameras–there’s something really beautiful of capturing that instant without having the power to change something in photoshop. Anyway I think that the two designs seem different enough? The design of a standard camera hasn’t changed a whole lot in my opinion, so I feel like you’re a bit in the clear. Super nice design either way though!


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