My New Obsession

My New Obsession

Chao everyone!

Over spring break, I managed to catch up on my new favorite show, Ellen’s Furniture Design Challenge. It’s a competition for up-and-coming furniture designers and the winner wins $100,000 among other awesome prizes. This show caught my eye because…

1. I like seeing designer’s creative process

2. All that drama between which piece of wood looks better

3. Ellen DeGeneres is awesome

Even though it was a short competition, there were so many brilliant designs. Plus, how were they able to accomplish a piece of furniture in 48 hours??!! My favorite furniture designer from the competition – with absolutely no bias that she’s the winner – is Katie Stout. She uses a lot of acrylic in her furniture designs, which makes this my favorite piece by her.

Katie and Kar’s Design. Source link.


The ending… was….CRAZY!!  I can’t spoil this online, just in case anyone is interested. AHHHHH!! I can’t wait for the next season!!!

Until next time,



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