The Truth About High Heels

The Truth About High Heels

Chao everyone!

The past month and a half was crazy. I was stressing out trying to finish my honors thesis before the deadline. Last Tuesday was my defense and I’m proud to say that I’ve completed one milestone in my life!! I have been working on this topic for over two years and it’s been something that I really want to see on the market.

Today, I would like to share a little bit of my project. It’s quite lengthy, so maybe I’ll post a snippet each week?

The basis of my research is acupressure. Mainly, its relationship to high heels. Now if you’ve worn high heels before, you’d know the pain and blisters that come with these shoes. You’ve seen celebrities with foot bunions and other really distorted feet.

Bunions cause the toe to bend unnaturally. Source.

Gravity is usually the culprit – the pressure naturally points downward toward the toes.

Shoes that bring pressure downward. Source.

Recently, I found out that I’m flat-footed (which explains all the unnecessary tripping), and it’s really difficult trying to find heels that are comfortable (and chic). So….I decided to create high heels that would fix this issue!

3D printing became my best friend in the last couple of years. I can’t wait to show you some of the 3D printed shoes that I created!

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