Sweating for Eyedrops

Sweating for Eyedrops

Chao everyone!

This past weekend, I was looking at some new eye drops. I wear contact lenses all the time and it gets really irritating after a few hours. So after awhile, I decided to venture into the world of eye drops. Have you heard of the Rohto  brand? It deems to have a “cooling effect,” – they are more like a burning effect, but only for a few seconds.

Rohto Ice. Source link

Then, it feels AMAZING! Of course, this is a little but irrelevant to my case since it’s not recommended for contact lens. However, I still love to use it at the end of the night after staring at the computer screen all day long. It’s definitely refreshing and different.

Unfortunately, it takes me literally 10 minutes to use those drops – it doesn’t matter which kind I use – most of the liquid would fall down my face instead of into my eyes ^_^’

I found this ingenious design from Yanko, an awesome web magazine that introduces many different conceptual – sometimes actual – designs. The designers of this iDrops, Eunyoung Lee and Kwangtack Lee, wanted to create a contraption that would make the process easier.

iMeds from Yanko Design. Source link

As cool as it is, I immediately thought of this…

Eye drop Stabilizer. Source link

Seriously. The Japanese is ahead of their game! These funnels have a wider rim, allowing the user ample space for error. I would love to have one of these to try out. Would you ever use this in public?

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