Tim Tam Addiction

Tim Tam Addiction

Chao everyone!

I know this is out of the ordinary and quite different from my other posts. I can’t even function let alone┬árationalize anything. My only box of Tim Tam is gone!! Not that anyone stole it….I just ate my last one.

My sister gave me a box last week, and it’s gone. So fast. She CLAIMED that it’s from Target. Is this true?? Target has a reference page on their website, but I can never find them in stores. I was on the hunt since last year; I even tried going to World’s Market (although, they do have the Arnott brand but not Tim Tam).

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s a popular Australian treat that’s very much like a mix between Kit Kat and Twix.

Image from Amazon

There are other flavors too, but my favorite is the Chewy Caramel. Does anyone else have any luck finding these? I will make another attempt at Target soon.

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