Finger Flashlight

Finger Flashlight

Chao everyone!

Just a couple of nights ago, I was working on an Arduino project with my boyfriend. Everything was dandy, until I snapped at him for hindering the light source. It was seriously no big deal in other cases, but I never realized how annoying it was to me until now. Granted, it was a really small object that we were both focusing on and I was already frustrated from the code not working. It was all good. We finished the project without any scars.

Then I came across a concept design for anĀ LED light glove. Basically, a glove that allows you to shoot a ray of light at your enemies…err…objects.

Torch White LED Light Globe by Tilen Sepic. Source.

This is a concept design by a Slovenian designer, Tilen Sepic. The purpose of this design is to “produce a working light” without having to deal with shadows. Why didn’t I have this glove during my project??

By the way, the thing around the wrist is an external battery pack. How cool is that? AND the whole glove is lined with fiber optics. You can be your own Iron Man. No joke.

Would this be helpful? Or would it more of a hindrance when working on things that are hands-on?

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