Product Review: FineLife Products Bug Zapper

Product Review: FineLife Products Bug Zapper

Chao everyone!

The other day, I was cleaning out some of the clutter in my room – surprise, surprise – and I found my electric bug swatter! This was given to me as a birthday present, and by far, it’s the most practical gift I’ve ever received. For some reason, mosquitoes love to devour my blood. Even if I’m in a room with 5 people, I would be the one getting bites; the bites would get so bad that they actually bruise and scar without me touching it.

Mosquitoes are evil!

The product I’m using is the Bug Zapper from FineLife Products.

Bug Zapper! Source.

Yesterday was actually the first time I opened the box and used it. My first impression is that it looks like a badminton racket for kids. It has one yellow button on the side of the handle that activates the electric current. If you listen carefully, you can hear a very subtle sound. On the front of the handle is a green LED light that lets you know when the electricity is on.

I have a love/hate relationship with this product. The absolute best thing is that it’s 500x better and more efficient that the traditional fly swatter.

My old fly swatter. Source.

It kills on contact (as grotesque as it sounds). I’m only a little picky about the button. You actually have to hold the button for it to continue turning on instead of a switch.


However, it’s quite useful if you want to prevent kids from using this like a toy. It’s not completely child proof so it might be a problem if you have children in your household.

Have you used this yet? Too bad it’s not convenient to carry around. I want to bring it everywhere!

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