Therapeutic High Heels Update

Therapeutic High Heels Update

Chao everyone!

Last time I mentioned a special project that I worked on that aims to bring comfort to wearing high heels. In the beginning, I just wanted to 3D scan an existing pair since I recently learned about a program called 123D Catch, which is an awesome tool that pieces together photos of a physical object into a 3D model. It works great if you want to test it on smaller objects – say a nail polish. Instead, I opted for a different method, using the NextEngine 3D Scanner.

NextEnginer 3D Scanner

I know I’ve said “3D” a lot all ready. Bear with me 🙂

Basically, with this scanner, you can scan any object that can fit within the rotating disk. I seriously love this scanner. It’s like having an XBox, but for designers. Depending on how accurate you want the result to be, it can take from 7 minutes to half an hour. Of course, if you want a better quality scan, you’d have to wait.

After the scan, and editing using Autodesk Maya, here’s what I got.

3D View

Wait till you see the 3D print of this shoe! It’s epic.

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